Looking to move in 2024? ? Where do we start ??

17th May 2024

 Looking to move in 2024? ? Where do we start ?? Dear Home Mover,
We are fast approaching Summertime and for many of us that means a New Goal to Reach ?
Selling and moving home is rated as one of the most important factors in modern day life. Whether you are looking to start a family, re-locate for work, or just fancy a change of surroundings, it can be a great experience, however, it can also become a really stressful experience if you don't make the right choices. With this in mind, you need to surround yourself with professionals who know the home-buying and selling business well. A firm that understand your needs as well as the potential pitfalls that one might encounter during the home moving process... Always choose experience before stats . Statistics are easy to create but experience comes with years of hard work and knowledge. At Littlewood's Estate Agents we believe experience counts more now than ever and often priceless when it comes to guiding and advising our many clients.

Your home is the largest single asset you are ever likely to own , so picking an experienced team of professionals who have been handling clients' matters for many years should be your priority.
It can be a minefield when it comes to who to choose and that is the same with the conveyancing process. Where possible, try and pick a local law firm that really know the area and are entrusted with a solid reputation in the local community. Remember, reputation, good and bad travels fast ,so ask around but try and find a real person in a real firm so you have someone advising you directly on your legal matters. You should find the personal care you receive from a local law firm absolutely priceless. We can always help if you need guidance, our many years experience in the industry has enabled us to seek out the very best property and family lawyers you are ever likely to need.... Just ask...

Once you find that perfect home you might want to engage a surveyor to make sure your dream home is as good as it looks...after all, your home purchase is a massive investment, so getting the right surveyor is also a huge priority. We can always provide contact details for local surveyors should you need them. Quotes do vary, so would always recommend getting at least two quotes to make sure you are paying the right level of fees and the right level of survey.

Finally, most of us require financial support when purchasing our home, either by way of mortgage or other forms of funding to assist with refurbishment and improvement, right down to funding for deposits. Pick a really good mortgage broker to advise you. Shop around until you find a financial adviser that understands you and your needs. Someone you can really click with !
We believe the combination of the above will make the real difference to getting that move right and with the minimum of fuss.

So, if you are thinking of moving and not sure which way to jump, call in to see us, email or telephone and we will be delighted to assist wherever we can.

Mike Leyton and Robert Littlewood.