So how is the market looking post budget ?

8th March 2024

So how is the market looking post budget ?        
Whilst we didn't see any major market gifts, or even a glimmer of stamp-duty generosity from the Chancellor in the latest budget, we have received some heartening news from HSBC Bank ,one of the market's leading finger-on-the pulse mortgage funders.

         " With lower interest rates, rising demand and falling rental
          inflation, is the UK housing market stabilising? If so, we could
          see a boost to household income this year".

          The key points from this report by the HSBC Global Research team include:
  • The UK housing market is showing signs of stabilisation, reflecting rising demand amid lower interest rates.
  • Rental inflation might be starting to soften as the gap between rental demand and supply narrows.
  • A less pronounced-than-feared mortgage squeeze and easing rent inflation could help boost household income this year.
          (courtesy of HSBC Bank.)

   " On the whole, a brighter outlook for the coming months than expected and a sign that even when the chips are down, the good people of Great Britain will find a way through the tough times. Market forces, change in the same way the Stock Market fluctuates, however there has never been a better long-term investment than bricks and mortar" (
Comment, Littlewood's Estate Agents.)